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As we get older, gravity and age will inevitably take a toll on the face. The youthful and supple skin we once had is now sagging, lacking the glow and freshness of our earlier years


We offer a variety of non-surgical body treatments to help you achieve your self-image goals. Our specialists we well trained in State-Of-The-Art Treatment Methods


We are much more than a medical spa: we are a place that thrives on offering skin care solutions to cosmetic issues of every nature
We also offer customized combination treatments that combine facials with our med spa services such as RF skin tightening, micro-needling, vitamin micro-infusion, and the list goes on! No downtime.
Level 1 $250 | Level 2 $300
Level 3 $350| Level 4 $450
This micro-needling device works to activate cellular regeneration to prevent and reduce signs of aging, protect against the harmful effects of free radicals, and boost the skin’s protective functions while improving epidermal moisture and tone. You can expect to see firm, plump skin and a refined skin texture after this treatment. Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced as well as dark spots and other surface imperfections.
Package of 3 $1,500
Per syringe $1,200
One Session $295
Package Of 6 $1,395
Face Session $300
Face & Neck $350
Package Of 6 $2,500
Consultation required
Per Syringe $1,200
In Office $300+ House Call $350+
NAD+ $900
Per session $600
Pricing $2,800

Luxury Before Anything Else

Indulge in lavish aesthetic care at Luxbae Medical Spa. We are proud to be the leading provider of personalized skin care in Southern California with two luxury spa locations in West Hollywood and Glendale. Our patients trust us to deliver natural-looking, long-lasting, stunning results from the best treatments in the industry.

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